Saturday, January 24, 2009


Interview from Deepersounds...
Deepersounds caught up with legendary producer Dev Pandya, wider known as Paradox, but equally respected under his Alaska guise. We get the lowdown on what the coming year has in store for Alaska and the exciting Arctic Music imprint.

Deepersounds - First of all, let’s start with the history of your Alaska alias. Fill us in on the concept and how it all began.

Alaska - The Alaska sound began in 1995 as Good Looking Records was influencing me in the studio with so many seminal ambient releases and at the time I felt that I couldn’t release ambient jungle tracks under the Paradox name. Myself and DJ Trax were attending the legendary ‘Speed’ club night every week in London, where Bukem & Fabio were residents and it was there that I got to know the Speed founder and promoter Leo who approached me with an idea to start a ‘Speed’ label. In 1996, I released two 12″s on Speed’s offshoot label Intercity Records plus Alaska releases on Renegade Recordings and our own label Offsett. These three 12″s alerted Good Looking and LTJ Bukem signed an Alaska & Paradox 12″ for GLR and myself and Nucleus went on to do a further 4 releases for the GLR sub-labels. A few Alaska releases for Subject 13’s Vibez Recordings followed after that and I then released the debut Alaska LP in 2000. Once I recorded the Alaska Virtual Virtuosos album I knew that the Alaska sound was something that I wanted to cement, as Paradox had always been the more popular sound.


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