Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canadian Drum and Bass will never be the same...

Stride recordings is a fresh new drum’n'bass label based out of Toronto, Canada, boasting original cutting edge production from some of the most diverse and talented artists this side of the Atlantic. Not your typical digital label, the primary long term goal of Stride is to expose the rest of the world to some of the most promising up & coming acts to emerge from Canada in quite some time.
One unique aspect of Stride Recordings is its lack of borders and walls when it comes to the genres that embody the label. From smooth liquid rollers to dancefloor smashing jump up, from the dark and techy to the minimal and funky, Stride offers up two guarantees with each release: quality and diversity. The label was founded in 2009 by Toronto-based DJ Kapulet after receiving countless submissions for his highly acclaimed CCDNB podcast. After coming across dozens of amazing unsigned dubs and wondering how they could just slip under the radar, Kap decided to take matters into his own hands and get some of this great undiscovered music out and available to the general publc. While Stride is based out of the city that many consider to be the epicenter of Canadian drum’n'bass, the label pays attention to detail in regards to what is happening throughout the entire country of Canada. The first 4 signees — Vice LaVice, Schematic, Override and Spinlock — hail from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver respectively.
The first release from Stride is Vice LaVice’s “The Future” EP, which was released on January 28th, 2010. Shortly after, Vice followed up “The Future” with his sophomore effort, the groundbreaking, crowd-tested dancefloor smasher “Save Me” to critical acclaim. Schematic will be the second act on the label to drop a release with his soulful, funk-infused 4 track release “The London EP” Available Febuary 25th followed by EP’s by Override and Spinlock set to release in march.
Having secured a distribution deal With Symphonic Distribution, the newly established label is about to embark on a major promotional campaign that will see bi-weekly releases throughout the remainder of the year made available on all major digital music outlets. Adding even further diversity to the already talent-rich roster the label boasts, Stride has been busy signing new acts to accompany its new look. Spring will see the first releases from Toronto-based production team Locked & Erbalist, who have already found great success with both vinyl and digital releases worldwide on several established labels. Kitchener’s Filtersweeper chimes in shortly after with a reggae-fused double pack, showcasing his knack for drum-heavy, anthemic production.
The future of Canadian Drum and Bass is right around the corner.

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