Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'd like to thank the academy... Seriously though I'm really happy that I won. I can't wait for the release of "London Gash". Big up to all the runners up and all the people who have made the "United Nations of Jungle" compilation. Big respect to Tykal, Armageddon Beats, Bay B Kane.

There were some huge tunes in there Nickynutz & J Bostron came storm troppin'. I'm looking forward to the vinyl being in my hands. Also looking forward to signing a contract with Armageddon Beats to see some future releases through them. It's good to see that real jungle is still alive and growing. I wanna give a special shout out to The Grimm Speaker for his tune which was a personal fave of mine.

Anyways here's the full breakdown... from Bay B Kane

"The winners of The BBK Have a Break Production Competition

are as follows...

The two runner up entries are:

J BOSTRON - Takeshi's Ruin

NICKY NUTZ - December Raindrops

It was an incredibly close thing between these two tracks J BOSTRON's track i feel captured the raw spirit within the precision edits of some of the sharpest tempered steel like Amens ever heard and i personally think its one of the best jungle tracks ive heard so far this year as it has just the right amount of each ingredient plus it is a very tasty blend of them all so very well done to J BOSTRON. Then there was another track which kept shining through at us like the North star & we just couldnt ignore it even if we wanted to the track im talking about of course is NICKY NUTZ's December Raindrops Which incidentally i personally heard around the end of last year for the first time and remember liking it very much then too but of course Emmett had never heard it until this competition moved over to SoundCloud never the less it was shining at him just as it was to me and it is a top notch tune by a top notch producer very well done to NICKY NUTZ.

Now we come to the Ultimate over all winner of this comp!

As funny or strange as it might sound to some myself & Emmett had no problem in choosing this track as the Ultimate winner because its just too good!
Also there really is nothing else quite like it in this competition...From the vocal samples to the chop suey drumz & deep heavy subs to us it stuck out like a thumbs up!And so a thumbs up was the only thing we could give this very out of the ordinary innovative & down right ground breaking track...So its a massive Brrrapp Brrrapp

Salute to the man like CHILI BANKS & his inspirational


This brings us to the final announcements... The tracks to be included on the compilation of the best of this competition (in no particular order) entitled: Bay B Kane Presents...THE UNITED NATIONS OF JUNGLE

Hidden Turn - I Live

Nino Kawasaki - Revival 95

J Bostron - Takeshi's Ruin

Chili Banks - London Gash

DJ LAB - Feel

Nicky Nutz - December Raindrops

Jungle Fever - Badman Sound

Sound Shifter - Deep Vibration

RF Project - Sleep Cycle 33

Phuture T - What Happened to Jungle

DJ Aitch - Yeh!

DJ Ruesta - Runaway

FFF - Timing & Execution

Rawkus - Deep In The Jungle

The Grim Speaker - Take A Break

Commie Dread - Baby Break

Terminus - 5 Blocks Down

Shocco - I Rave"

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