Thursday, July 21, 2011


In jungle's golden era Bay B Kane and his myriad aliases produced and released some of the best beats of the time on some of the best labels. '95 saw him take a back seat and after a lull in output he bounced back with a new LP in 2010.

Since then he's released the Brick Jungle LP in April on Armageddon Beats and this month sees the release of his latest LP, Jungle Love, on Junglist Manifesto Recordings. Not too many producers return after such a long break, especially with an LP as strong as this one. I've heard Jungle Love and lemme tell you, if golden era jungle with a 2011 twist is your thing, this album will bust your head right open. BBK shares his thoughts on love, life, beats and bass.

You were away for quite a while, why the huge lapse?
My last release was in 1995 but I didn't actually leave the scene until the spring of 1997. As for the huge lapse, it was mainly due to me wanting to move forwards with other aspects of my life, especially as I had a young family at the time. Not only that, but I was also feeling somewhat disillusioned with the whole scene at the time. It was very divided, with "ragga jungle" on one side and "intelligent" on the other which I always felt was very damaging for the scene.

So I went back to education and managed to get myself an honours degree in Computing & Information Systems at London Metropolitan University. Of course this didn't happen overnight but on and off over a period of five years or so. Of the 13 years that I was away from the music scene I spent 12 of them working in the field of computers and computer software development.

So, as I'm sure you would agree, I was quite busy with all the different aspects of life in general. Even so, I still had to resist the urge to go back and start making beats almost on a daily basis. After 12 years of that I just could not resist anymore and finally I returned to the studio in March 2010...

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