Sunday, November 27, 2011


#FreeAmp2 – Virtual Guitar Amp – huge number of amp, cab, speaker, eq and stomp combinations
PolyIblit – Subtractive Synth – fat, alias free oscillators! also check out Lazy Snake Electric piano
Crystal – Semimodular synth – very powerful
Asynth – Subtractive – gorgeous filter
UGO Synths – A whole buch of great free synths
Oatmeal – Subtractive Synth – flexible, skinnable, lots of presets on kvr
Synth 1 – Subtractive synth – classic, easy to learn, super low CPU use
Triangle - Subtractive Synth – great useful monophonic synth
Purple – FM Synth – also check out Unkown, and some of his other synths
NUBI3 - Organ and Rotary speaker

– soundfont player, also a brilliant sampler if u want to learn to use the xml based sampling format (very simple)
GVST effects – Quick, Straightforward collection of effects. Including an Autotuner. Please dont use it to make Cher vocals
dblue Glitch – Awesomely powerful beat mangler a la Aphex Twin. Seriously, its great.
DtBlkFx – Sound mangling FFT
Smartelectronix – A group of VST developers, all with different plugins, many of them free and good. Bram, Antti, DestroyFX, magnus(makes a great reverb), mda and mdsp all make nice stuff
Classic – kjaerhus audio’s free plugins – really nice

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  1. i already have a few of these, will get the others too! free VST instruments and fx - groovy